Sports - Currently no sporting activities

God has created his people to enjoy the opportunity to socialise and relax and at SHMC we offer a wide range of activities to enable us to do this.



•       The Ladies’ Badminton Club meets every Wednesday at 1.30pm in the Upper Hall.  We are a friendly group and at present are actively seeking new members, so if you are interested in playing badminton please pay us a visit on Wednesday at 1.30pm.  During the year we organise a tournament which brings out our competitive natures.  Socially, we meet up during the year several times for barbecues and meals out.

•        The Mixed Badminton Club meets every Thursday at 7.45pm.  It is flourishing with up to 15 members with a wide range of ages.  This is an ideal number with only one court, since unless everyone turns up on the same evening, there are plenty of games for all.  The standard of play is generally very good with competitive games and we enjoy socialising over a break for coffee or tea with occasional cakes for birthday celebrations.  Currently there are a few spaces for people to play mixed badminton on a Thursday evening anyone interested should come along to the upper hall at 8pm on a Thursday.






Table Tennis:

  • This is a friendly and social club which provides a varied and entertaining programme for table tennis players of a reasonable standard over the age of 16 throughout the year.   The club meets in the Lower Hall on Wednesdays at 7.30pm and we play through until 10.15pm with a short tea break in the middle.  We have two tables that can be used.


    An annual subscription of £10 is charged (and is £5 for those under 21).  Why not come along and give it a try to see if you like it.


    More details can be obtained from Church Office  







  • WESLEYAN WANDERERS - We enjoy walks, mainly into the Surrey countryside, when we take the opportunity to solve the problems of the world with fellow walkers and partake of a pub lunch on the way.  We alternate the dates of the walks between Tuesdays and Thursdays, generally the last in the month.

  • New walkers are always welcome to join us.  More details can be obtained from Church Office.