UK Friends of The Shepherd's Hospice

UKThe UKFTSH support The Shepherd's Hospice in Sierra Leone, a Non-Governmental Organisation which enables people living in some of the poorest conditions in the world to access appropriate health care.

In particular the UKFTSH is the sole present funder for the community palliative care team, financing staff salaries, staff education and training, drugs, transport and a patient support fund. This team provides health care both in clinics and in the community for people suffering from diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, TB and malaria. Regular monitoring visits are carried out to oversee use of funds and development of the work of TSH. 

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Fundraising continues at Surbiton Hill, the Sumptuous Sunday lunches being as popular as ever, both as a fund-raiser and just as importantly as a time of fellowship for people.  In April 2014 we held a successful Quiz Night.

Fundraising is not easy in this economic climate so again our thanks to you who support us with money, time and prayers.  You keep us going.