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When was the last time the situation in Zimbabwe got a mention in the UK media.  One exception is the news that within the next few days the President will celebrate his 91st birthday and in order to pay for his birthday bash every teacher in the country must contribute $10.  This in a country classified as the second poorest nation on earth. 

The following prayer written by a Methodist Minister Freddy Takawarasha gives a better description of the challenges faced by most Zimbabweans that I can ever write.

       We give thanks to God for the humility of the Zimbabwean people as they live in hope of a better future while silently struggling with rapid economic decline.  We thank God for the growth of Christianity amid acute shortage of basic requirements, declining life expectancy following the collapse of the health sector, crippling unemployment, greed and corruption.   We pray for voices for the voiceless, dignity for the dying, food for the hungry, jobs for the seeking, shelter for the homeless.  As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, we pray for improved governance and better distribution of the plentiful natural resources. We pray for better social security and fairness in policing, peace, prosperity and justice for all citizens.

Thankfully regular food distribution from Hillside Methodist Church Bulawayo, into rural areas, enables between 5 and 6 thousand people to survive.  The finance to support this work comes from donations made in this country and during the past year £52,000 has been raised to buy 150 tons of maize meal. 

To those who have supported this work a huge thank you.